GOP offers alternative to Democrats transportation plan


By Catharine Baker - Published April 4th 2017

Bay Area drivers know all too well how desperately we need to improve our transportation infrastructure. Roads and bridges are crumbling. Despite this, transportation has not been a priority.

Although state spending increased by $9 billion over the last two years alone, and $36 billion over five years, not one additional dime of that increased spending has gone toward transportation. Worse, the Legislature has raided billions in transportation funds year after year. This needs to change.

The governor and legislative leadership believe the solution to our transportation problem is to raise gas taxes by 70 percent, and that tax increase will grow automatically in future years without any voter or legislative input, and with no limit to how high the increase can go. Their proposal also raises vehicle registration fees by 47 percent to 330 percent, depending on the value of your car. These increases come with no real reforms for how to spend your dollars more wisely, as you deserve.

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