Bipartisan Leaders throughout Community Endorse Catharine Baker

Democrats, Independents, Republicans come together for Baker

(San Ramon, CA) – Bipartisan county and city elected officials from across the political spectrum and entire community have endorsed Catharine Baker for re-election to the State Assembly for Assembly District 16.

“I am a Democrat and I support Catharine Baker because she immediately went to work for my community, and it is obvious she cares,” said John Marchand, Mayor of Livermore. “Catharine is bipartisan, independent and has worked tirelessly to represent this district well.”

“Catharine Baker has been a breath of fresh air in Sacramento,” said Candace Andersen, Chair of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors. "Catharine is smart, hard-working, and fiscally disciplined. She really listens to the people of her district."

“I'm supporting Catharine Baker,” said Mark Mitchell, Mayor of Lafayette. “She's bipartisan, independent, and represents this district well."

“I try to judge each candidate by his or her merits, without regard to party. I support Catharine Baker because she is an effective leader for our community and she works with people of all political parties to get the job done.” said Bob Simmons, Walnut Creek City Councilmember.


Catharine Baker’s City & County Endorsements Include (partial list):


Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors:

Supervisor Candace Andersen

Supervisor Karen Mitchoff

Supervisor Mary Piepho

Contra Costa District Attorney: 

Mark Peterson

Alamo MAC:

Chair Anne Struthers

Member Steve Mick

Member Jill Winspear

Town of Danville:

Mayor Karen Stepper

Vice Mayor Renee Morgan

Councilmember Mike Doyle

Councilmember Robert Storer

City of Dublin:

Mayor David Haubert

Councilmember Kevin Hart

Councilmember Doreen Wehrenberg

City of Lafayette:

Mayor Mark Mitchell

Vice Mayor Mike Anderson

Councilmember Brandt Andersson

Councilmember Traci Reilly

Councilmember Don Tatzin

City of Livermore:

Mayor John Marchland

Vice Mayor Stewart Gary

Councilmember Steven Spedowfski

Councilmember Laureen Turner

Councilmember Bob Woerner

Town of Moraga:

Mayor Michael Metcalf

Vice Mayor Dave Trotter

Councilmember Phil Arth

Councilmember Teresa Onoda

Councilmember Roger Wykle

City of Orinda:

Vice Mayor Eve Phillips

Councilmember Darlene Gee

Councilmember Dean Orr

City of Pleasanton:

Mayor Jerry Thorne

Vice Mayor Kathy Narum

Councilmember Karla Brown

Councilmember Arne Olson

Councilmember Jerry Pentin

City of San Ramon:

Mayor Bill Clarkson

Vice Mayor Scott Perkins

Councilmember David Hudson

Councilmember Harry Sachs

City of Walnut Creek:

Mayor Loella Haskew

Mayor Pro Tem Richard Carlston

Councilmember Cindy Silva

Councilmember Bob Simmons

Councilmember Justin Wedel


Assemblywoman Catharine Baker represents the cities and communities of Alamo, Danville, Dublin, Lafayette, Livermore, Moraga, Orinda, Pleasanton, San Ramon and Walnut Creek. This is Assemblywoman Baker’s first term in office. In the Assembly she’s been focused on improving K-12 education and access to UC schools for Californians, preventing BART strikes, making smarter infrastructure investments, and bringing more transparency and fiscal responsibility to local government.