Crime Victims United Endorses Assemblywoman Catharine Baker for Re-Election

Assemblywoman Catharine Baker (R-San Ramon) announced today that Crime Victims United (CVU) endorsed her campaign for re-election to the 16th Assembly District.

CVU is a bipartisan, statewide organization comprised of victims of crime, law enforcement officials, legal advocates, and others who work to protect and enhance public safety. CVU uses education, legislative advocacy, and political action to enhance public safety, promote effective crime-reduction measures, and strengthen the rights of crime victims.

“It is an honor to receive the endorsement of Crime Victims United for my re-election,” said Baker. “I am thankful for their support and for their recognition of my work fighting for crime victims and improving public safety for our neighborhoods, families, and children. I remain committed to working across the aisle to make our communities safe.”

Baker has sponsored legislation that ensures victims receive full restitution for crimes committed against them (AB 2295), prevents victims of stalking from having their home address made public through property title records (AB 2263), increases penalties for felons found illegally possessing firearms (AB 2666), and provide funding for increased prosecution of human trafficking (AB 2202). Baker also co-authored legislation to make it a felony to possess the date rape drug with the intent to use (AB 46), to possess a stolen firearm (AB 1869), and to provide funding for research on firearm violence prevention (SB 1002).

Assemblywoman Catharine Baker represents Alamo, Danville, Dublin, Lafayette, Livermore, Moraga, Orinda, Pleasanton, San Ramon, and Walnut Creek. This is Assemblywoman Baker’s first term in office. In the Assembly, she’s been focused on improving K-12 education and access to UC schools for Californians, preventing BART strikes, making smarter infrastructure investments, and bringing more transparency and fiscal responsibility to government.