The Independent Endorses Assemblywoman Catharine Baker for Re-election to the 16th Assembly District

Assemblywoman Baker announced today that another local newspaper, The Independent, endorsed her re-election.

“It is rewarding to see that my efforts to work in a bipartisan manner as I represent the 16th District in the Legislature continue to be recognized. I am grateful to receive the endorsement of The Independent for my re-election,” said Baker.

In their endorsement, The Independent states,

Baker ran for office promising to act in a bipartisan manner. She has done so….In the Assembly, Baker has focused on improving K-12 education and access to UC schools for Californians. She favors capping the number of out of state students who could attend UC schools. When it comes to infrastructure, she opposes the twin tunnels as a water fix. She believes the money funding high-speed rail would be better spent on other transportation needs…Baker has held numerous town hall meetings to hear from constituents, taking input from many different points of view. We believe she deserves a second term.


Assemblywoman Catharine Baker represents Alamo, Danville, Dublin, Lafayette, Livermore, Moraga, Orinda, Pleasanton, San Ramon and Walnut Creek. This is Assemblywoman Baker’s first term in office. In the Assembly, she’s been focused on improving K-12 education and access to UC schools for Californians, preventing BART strikes, making smarter infrastructure investments, and bringing more transparency and fiscal responsibility to government.