The East Bay Times Declares Its "Enthusiastic Support" To Re-Elect Assemblywoman Catharine Baker To The 16th Assembly District

The East Bay Times again endorsed Assemblywoman Catharine Baker's re-election to the 16th Assembly District.

The East Bay Times released a statement of "enthusiastic support" for Baker's re-election, citing Baker's "mix of fiscal restraint and social consciousness" that she brings to the legislature. The Times found that Baker is "refreshingly independent" and has "well represented the 16th District..." Cognizant that Baker's powerful opposition will "once again throw mud at Baker," the Times urged "the districts's discerning voters should ignore it and recognize that she has earned a second term."

"I am honored to have the endorsement of the East Bay Times. The Times editorial board recognized that my efforts to represent our community in manner that is independent from partisan politics and entrenched special interests is working," said Baker.

Read the full article here: East Bay Times Enthusiastically Endorses Baker For Assembly District 16.