Challenge to Assembly District 16 Opponent: Renounce False "Garbage" Attacks

Not one, but two editorial boards (The East Bay Times and The San Francisco Chronicle) have called out Cheryl Cook-Kallio for making false claims in her campaign. The San Francisco Chronicle, just days ago, called out Cheryl Cook-Kallio for lies about Catharine Baker’s voting record. In her latest, “whopper” Cook-Kallio claims that Baker voted against funding cancer screening and medical care for disadvantaged women in California. Here are the facts:

  • Baker twice voted to make it easier for women to qualify for state-covered screening and treatment for breast cancer; expanded the benefits under the state-only funded Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program to cover the duration of the treatment period after a diagnosis of breast cancer or cervical cancer; and expanded eligibility for breast cancer screening under the Every Woman Counts program to any woman who is symptomatic (AB 1975).
  • Baker initiated an outreach program to reach thousands of women in her community to share how-to information on available cancer screening programs and the importance of regular cancer screenings.
  • Baker voted to expand colorectal screening programs (AB 1763).
  • Baker voted to create a California Cancer Clinical Trials Program at UC to provide disadvantaged communities access to cancer clinical trials (AB 1823).
  • Baker was one of only two Republicans to vote for SJR 29, which calls on Congress to continue funding for Planned Parenthood clinics that provide reproductive healthcare and cancer screening treatments.


Duane Dichiara, campaign spokesman, said “Cook-Kallio talks about how proud she is to have taught government to students, and casts herself as someone students can look up to… someone who will bring integrity to the political process. On her own Facebook page she has taken negative campaigning to task. Now The San Francisco Chronicle writes that the attacks on Assemblywoman Baker’s record by the Democratic Party for Cook-Kallio are “garbage,” and the East Bay Times called her out for false statements about her own record. As such, here is one clear challenge: will Cook-Kallio denounce the false attacks publicly?”

Additional note: Baker is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with cancer while in college, and it recurred for 10 years. As a result, she had a more difficult time getting healthcare in her 20’s and 30’s and knows personally how important it is for Californians to have access to cancer screening. She is the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, whose cancer was detected by a mammogram. This is why Baker fights and works to expand awareness and screenings, both through community programs and through legislation.