Paul Sweeney

Paul Sweeny, a lifelong Democrat, shares why he supports my re-election and cites the bipartisan approach I have taken. Thank you Paul for your support! Read his letter here.


Maryanne Payne

Smear tactics abound during election time. In this letter to the editor, Maryanne Payne dismisses some of those my opponent is attempting to use against me to attack my strong record on gun control. Read more here.

Gloria romero, fromer democrat senate majority leader


Lynn leach, former assembly member, 16th District


Frank Capilla


Jan Batchellor


Cindy Wyvil


Meghan Holtzapple


Kate DeFerrari


Gilbert Castro


Tri-valley mayors

I am honored to have the endorsements of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. Former Democrat Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero sets the record straight about misleading statements in an attempt to distract voters from the truth. Thank you Gloria for your continued support of my re-election! Read Gloria’s letter here.


Lynn Leach is a fantastic public servant and served the 16th District well when she held this Assembly Seat. I am honored to have her support and recognition of the work I have done to support our community. Read Lynn’s letter here.


Frank Capilla shares his support for my re-election and highlights how my opponent continues to support BART strikes despite the devastation it caused to our region in 2013. Read Frank’s letter here.


In this letter to the editor, Jan Batchellor, highlights my bipartisan approach in advocating for our community, and illustrates some of my opponents “whoppers.” Read Jan’s letter here.


Cindy Wyvil is an incredible advocate for children and families and it was an honor to be awarded with the March of Dimes Legislative Champion Award and to have her there is Sacramento when I received it. Read Cindy’s letter here.

Walk and Talk Town Halls are a new twist on community town halls. Check out Meghan Holtzapple’s letter to editor about this fun way we work to connect with our community out in nature! Read more here.


Kate DeFerrari is a Deputy District Attorney for Contra Costa County who focuses on domestic violence prosecution. In her letter to the editor she shares some of the important work I have done, both legislative and within our community, to support domestic violence victims and local programs. Thank you, Kate, for your support and for your distinguished service to our community. Read more here.


Gilbert Castro, a San Ramon resident, shares his frustration regarding my opponent's misrepresentation of my record in the Assembly. Thank you, Gilbert, for your support. Read Gilbert's letter here


I am honored to have received this great letter and endorsement of all five Tri-Valley mayors, Bill Clarkson, David Haubert, Karen Stepper, Jerry Thorne, and John Marchand, both Democrat and Republican. Working across the aisle gets real results. Read their letter here