“Catharine Baker is an outstanding leader in our community. She is a proven advocate for safe communities, safe families, and victims of crime, and she has worked in bipartisan fashion to put the needs of our community first over partisanship.”

- Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley

“As our Assemblywoman, Catharine has put partisanship aside time and time again to deliver effective transportation solutions for our region. Her continued leadership is needed, and I endorse her for re-election.”

- Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggarty

"Her work to bridge the partisan divide in the State Capitol builds important alliances that have resulted in open space, water, transportation and BART parking improvements."
– State Senator Steve Glazer


pro-choice, supports equal pay for equal work and has supported important gun reforms.”

– State Senator Steve Glazer, San Francisco Chronicle, 10/31/16


“Baker’s voting record is decidedly moderate. Her scores from the League of Conservation Voters and California Chamber of Commerce put her very much in line with the Moderate Democrats”

– Capitol Weekly 10/5/17


“Planned Parenthood and Equality California each gave Baker a 100% rating, the only Republican to receive that.”

– Capitol Weekly 10/5/17


“Catharine also has demonstrated a willingness to work across the aisle that is a worthy achievement”

– Pleasanton Weekly 12/8/15


“She’s been a trailblazer on issues,” said one Democratic legislator who preferred to remain unnamed. “She’s breaking the mold of what people have viewed as the typical Republican.”

– Contra Costa Times 9/28/15

“She turned down a legislative pay raise and returned a tobacco company’s campaign contribution.”

– Contra Costa Times 9/25/15


“Assembly Bill 1048, recently introduced by Assemblywoman Catharine Baker and Assemblyman David Hadley, will untie the hands of our local school districts and leave local funding decisions to local school districts, just as the governor intended when implementing the Local Control Funding Formula.”

– Contra Costa Times 7/31/2015


“AB 1044 by Catharine Baker, R-Dublin, would eliminate the ‘last in, first out’ rule of seniority-based layoffs that can disproportionately hurt poor and minority children because their teachers are often the most inexperienced.”

– San Diego Union Tribune 7/30/15


“Assemblywoman Catharine B. Baker (R-San Ramon) introduced as her first bill in Assembly legislation that will prevent future BART strikes.”

– The Independent 3/12/15


“State Assemblywoman Catharine B. Baker (R-San Ramon) introduced legislation today that would prevent future strikes by unionized employees of the Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART).”

– Pleasanton Weekly 3/12/15

“Lawmaker rejects per diem, tax funded car”

– CalWatchdog 3/12/15


“[Baker’s] attempt to end BART strikes deserves high marks for creativity”

– Contra Costa Times 3/2/15


“Baker agrees that California’s overly protective rules on teacher tenure undermine the civil rights of low-income and minority students.”

– San Francisco Chronicle 9/24/14


“Baker has refused to fill out any secret questionnaires by interest groups, which are often a condition of endorsements and contributions.”

– San Francisco Chronicle 9/24/14


“Baker would ban strikes by BART workers”

– San Francisco Chronicle 9/24/14


“Centrist sensibilities”

– San Francisco Chronicle 9/24/14


“Pro-choice,” “Centrist,” “Bipartisan”

– San Francisco Chronicle 9/24/14


“Baker’s centrist sensibilities would provide a good influence on the Republican caucus and potential partner for Democrats looking for bipartisan solutions.”

– San Francisco Chronicle 9/25/14


“Catharine Baker is a moderate Republican. She’s willing to cross party lines and work with Democrats to get things done.”

– Pleasanton Weekly 10/23/14


“Baker, a mother of two school-aged children, seeks systematic change in public education and wants teachers held more accountable.”

– Contra Costa Times 10/23/14


“brings a fresh, outsider perspective”

– Contra Costa Times 4/23/14


“a fresh perspective for a legislature needing change”

– Contra Costa Times 4/23/14


“Catharine has proven she puts good policy over partisanship. She works in a bipartisan manner, and that makes Catharine the kind of leader California needs.”

– Mary Warren, Former Vice Chairwoman of the California Democratic Party and Former Chairwoman of the Alameda Democratic Party


“She is thoughtful, and diligent, and hardworking.”

– Steve Glazer, State Senator, Lafayette Town Hall 2/3/16


“Her bipartisan, independent approach to solving problems is refreshing and very welcome.”

– Steve Glazer, State Senator, Lafayette Town Hall 2/3/16


“We both share our concerns about fiscal responsibility, school reform, environmental protections, and certainly about banning BART strikes.”

– Steve Glazer, State Senator, Lafayette Town Hall 2/3/16


“I am a Democrat and I support Catharine Baker because she immediately went to work for my community, and it is obvious she cares. Catharine is bipartisan, independent and has worked tirelessly to represent this district well.”

– John Marchand, Mayor of Livermore, 3/21/16

“Catharine Baker has been a breath of fresh air in Sacramento. Catharine is smart, hard-working, and fiscally disciplined. She really listens to the people of her district."

– Candace Andersen, Chair of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, 3/21/16


“I'm supporting Catharine Baker. She's bipartisan, independent, and represents this district well."

– Mark Mitchell, Mayor of Lafayette, 3/21/16


“I try to judge each candidate by his or her merits, without regard to party. I support Catharine Baker because she is an effective leader for our community and she works with people of all political parties to get the job done.”

– Bob Simmons, (former) Walnut Creek City Councilmember, 3/21/16


"Thanks to Asm. Catharine Baker for her leadership to pass $100M tax decrease, CA is paying down unfunded pension & transportation bond debt."

– SV Leadership Group, Twitter, 3/1/16


"This is the bipartisanship that's been missing in Sacramento."

– East Bay Leadership Council, Newsletter, 2/29/16


"she has shown herself to be bipartisan, solution-oriented leader, and she deserves credit for reinvigorating the search for intelligent policy solutions to some our most difficult problems."

– Kristin Connelly, East Bay Leadership Council President and CEO, 3/17/16


"Catharine Baker has been a leader in protecting women's health care services and reproductive rights."

– California Medical Association, 4/15/16


"Doctors give Catharine Baker an A+ on women's health issues."

– California Medical Association, 4/15/16


"Assemblywoman Baker has saved lives with her strong stand against the tobacco industry. We Doctors thank her."

– California Medical Association, 4/15/16


"Catharine Baker has been a leader in protecting our kids from tobacco."

– California Medical Association, 4/15/16


"As the only Republican member of the East Bay delegation, she has shown herself to be bipartisan, solution-oriented leader, and she deserves credit for reinvigorating the search for intelligent policy solutions to some our most difficult problems."

– Kristin Connelly, 3/17/16


"We look forward to continuing to work with her on solutions to other urgent problems facing our region, especially the need for smart and adequate funding of our transportation infrastructure." 

– Kristin Connelly, 3/17/2016


"Catharine Baker has been a very solid and reliable vote for taxpayers. She has consistently scored well on the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association scorecard. She is in a very tough race against a tax and spend liberal in a seat that fiscal conservatives cannot afford to lose."

– Jon Coupal, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association


“In the Assembly Catharine Baker has been the rare legislator who works across the aisle to support public safety in our communities. She has bravely supported common-sense legislation to reduce gun violence. With Catharine, it’s not about ego; it’s about protecting our community from crime.”

– Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern, Past President of the California State Sheriff’s Association


“The reason Assemblywoman Baker’s vote has been so critical is that the California Constitution requires a 2/3 vote of each house of the legislature to raise taxes. The Republicans are dangerously close to losing the ability to stop runaway tax increases ramrodded through the legislature by the majority party.”

– Jon Coupal, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association 


"determined to represent the people...not political parties or special interests," 

– The Pleasanton Weekly Newspaper, 05/13/2016


"consistently pursued bipartisan decisions, emphasize [s] education as the gateway to opportunity and...empowering local decision-making rather than state mandates."

– The Pleasanton Weekly Newspaper, 05/13/2016


"East Bay Republican Assemblywoman Catharine Baker bravely crossed the aisle to vote aye, though she's a target in a swing district."

– Sacramento Bee, 8/23/16


“Catharine Baker has been a strong vote for public safety. One of her first bills established child abuse prevention training in our schools for the first time in California history, and her legislation shows she is fighting to keep our communities safe.”

– Contra Costa County Sheriff David Livingston, Secretary of the California State Sheriff’s Association.


"Catharine Baker has been a thoughtful ally in protecting parks, farms, ranches, and open space for the benefit of everyone in our community. Catharine is a leader in working across the partisan divide to ensure the protection of our parks, open space, and beautiful natural resources for future generations."

– Ron Brown, former Executive Director of Save Mount Diablo